Brexit Toolkit

Are you worried about the duty costs to ship goods to and from the EU post-Brexit?

There’s still much uncertainty as to how the trading relationship with the EU post-Brexit will operate. The media are regularly reporting on the potential impact both for importers and exporters, which has caused many of our clients to ask us the question; “What could a hard Brexit mean for my business?”

In response, we have worked with our IT partners, I2I, to develop an indicative calculation of tariffs under World Trade Organisation (WTO) rules (The model we may have if it is a hard Brexit).

Use the button below to select if you’re importing or exporting and enter each item that you’d like to check. If you don’t know the correct tariff codes, don’t worry, simply enter a description and pick a choice from the list.

This audit tool is based on the UK & the EU trading as third countries after Brexit/potential transition arrangement. While entry into, and Free Trade Agreement with the EU post transition may affect duty rates, many non-tariff barriers, such as customs procedures, will remain.